2019-09-15 - Tech - Announcing: Topical Discussions


Are you missing being able to create your own discussions a la Disqus channels? Well, miss it no more.

Your moderators and I have been conferring behind the scenes to make it happen.

Where: navigate to the Feature Request page (https://thebrighterlights.c... also on the home page)

What: a post


1) on the first line, type a topic (limited to Art, Books, History, Religion and Tech) surrounded by asterisks, e.g. *Art*

2) on the second ling, type a headline which will be rendered in large type and date stamped with the topic

3) type or copy your text beginning on the third line. Regular and YouTube links work and an image can be included as usual. The format is up to you.

4) Submit the post

5) navigate to the Topical Discussions page here: https://thebrighterlights.c...

6) click your discussion which will show zero comments

7) post a comment to register the discussion with Disqus

When: The publishing script runs every five minutes so it make take up to five minutes after submission for the post to appear.

Who: If you experience any problems, drop me (servildos) a comment and I'll try to fix it. Hey, it's tech so expect some glitches.

Lolly has a discussion up under *Books* as an example.